Steel Structures




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Steel for supporting structures

Steel Structures

Steel Structures

The processing of steel into various architectural and engineering structures is part of our passion. We create a functional production hall, a bridge or a facade from many individual components.

for energy efficiency and durability

Metal Structures

Metal Structures

The processing of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, bronze, chrome steel, and brass results in tailor-made solutions for facades, claddings, roof glazing, doors and windows.

For energy efficiency and durability



Fire protection elements have been part of our product range for many years. You will receive the proven and VKF-approved Tuchschmid-ATLANTĀ® fire protection props in square and round design.

Steel Structures

Architecture and construction has changed significantly over the last decades, and steel structures are increasingly favoured for their beauty and flexibility. Tuchschmid offers a complete and comprehensive range of services to create exceptional architectural steel structures with efficiency and passion. The company's credo of 'everything provided by one source' enables you to find viable solutions for designs which might otherwise be deemed impossible as well as facilitating the development with architects and engineers of outstanding projects. Tuchschmid controls every aspect of design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and assembly.

Steel structures: Building the future

Tuchschmid has been at the forefront of steel structure development in Switzerland since the company was founded in 1849 by the owner Family, and it is committed to finding the eco-friendly, cost effective solutions that today's clients require. Revered for its expertise in the stainless steel and glass building sector, the company is the perfect partner for challenging projects requiring skills, knowledge, high quality materials and services. Some of the world's most famous landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York are steel structures, and each is unique, timeless and durable. One of the most exciting aspects of working with steel is that it allows spans and heights like no other material. High quality stainless steel is not only beautiful to look at, it is a multifaceted medium which makes happen what once have been considered impossible. Tuchschmid bribes in the development of outstanding projects and works in conjunction with architects and engineers to create the landmarks for the future.

Steel structures: Bring your dreams to life

The company works closely with leading architects and engineers to develop the exciting shapes and dimensions out of steel. Projects are approached with competence, confidence and skills, while efficient working practices assure a cost effective and highly flexible solution that has minimal impact on the environment. Stainless steel also withstands the effects of the elements and requires far less maintenance than traditional materials like brick or timber. Whether you plan a small development, an addition to an existing structure, an eye-catching feature or a new steel structure project, Tuchschmid is able to support you as a partner at every level. You'll enjoy access to an experienced team who bring a wide range of specific skills to every steel structure project, and you will find examples of the company's magnificent works on our website

The company has participated in many architectural awards, including 4 European steel structure awards, 3 Prix Acier and 5 prestigious RIBA Awards. Be inspired by the spectacular soaring arch that Tuchschmid created for Centre Paul Klee in Bern, the cubist precision of GKB-Auditorium in Chur or the glamorous Reiss flagship store in London. Visit to see further examples of the company's work or to find out more about how your project can become the outstanding creation you hope for.

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