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'Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.'
Frank Gehry

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Steel and Glass

The timeless qualities of steel and glass have inspired architects, engineers, artists and builders for decades. Tuchschmid has been handled both materials since the company was founded in Switzerland 1849, and today its award winning steel and glass structures inspire a new generation.

Steel and glass: the exceptional versatility

Some of the world's most exciting structures are made from steel combined with glass and they are revered for their elegance, sophistication and beauty. The combination of the two materials lends structures a lightness and strength that is unparalleled, and Tuchschmid AG offers its clients a wealth of experience and expertise. The company is renowned for its precision and quality, and offers its clients a unique 'everything provided by one source' service. Whether you're thinking of a new development or an exclusive project in steel and glass, Tuchschmid will be your preferred partner. The company understands the specifics of working with stainless steel and structural glass, and is ideally placed to work in tandem with architects and engineers on outstanding projects that will become the classic landmarks of tomorrow.

Steel and glass: Why choose this solution?

The unique molecular structure of steel structures makes it a versatile choice for construction, and allows for spans and heights that would not be possible with other materials. Combined with structural glass, steel or stainless steel is used in many of today's most exciting projects, and Tuchschmid is the driving force behind some of the most exceptional projects. The company specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication and application of these unique materials, and impresses in the creation of the exclusive shapes and forms required for unusual and unique buildings. A dedicated team of skilled specialists oversees every step of the process from the bend and curve of glass elements to the engineering of magnificent steel panels. As architecture continues to become more adventurous, steel and glass are the materials of choice. Steel structures have less environmental impact than traditional materials, and are the eco-friendly, cost effective choice for the future. Tuchschmid allows you to achieve the unachievable with steel and glass structures, and brings high Swiss quality to projects of any size.

The company is revered for unique steel and glass structures in Switzerland and other locations throughout Europe. Some of its impressive projects to date include a magnificent steel and glass footbridge in Liverpool, the fabulous Reiss flagship store in London, the soaring canopy of the Neuer Bahnhofplatz in Bern and the magnificent Airside Centre at Zurich Airport. These are just a few of the challenging and outstanding projects that Tuchschmid AG has been part of, and you will find many more of the company's successes at

Tuchschmid AG combines careful planning with project specific solutions to ensure that your projects are completed to the highest standards. The company is internationally recognized as one of the leaders in steel and glass construction, and has received numerous awards for excellence and outstanding work. Visit to learn more about how Tuchschmid works with architects and planners to develop your demanding steel and glass projects.

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