Corporate philosophy – Tuchschmid

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*Peter Schaltegger / Head of Production

Corporate philosophy

Satisfied business partners combined with healthy and motivated employees is our key to success. We see ourselves as partners for the realization of challenging steel and steel-glass structures, which require a high level of expertise in engineering, manufacturing and / or installation. Tuchschmid’s commitment to constant development of the company’s success is being continued by the 6th generation. With our philosophy and commitment we hope to ensure economic success for future generations.  

We are an innovative, proficient partner for the realization of sophisticated, engineering and architectural structures in steel, glass and architectural metal.

With efficient use of our resources, we ensure competitiveness and economic success.

We nurture reliable, trustworthy and fair partnerships.

We constantly maintain and develop our know-how.

We continuously maintain strong fundamentals for the benefit of all involved.