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Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant column

Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant column

The Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant columns consists of a steel core with a steel casing. The cavity between the steel core and the steel casing is filled with concrete (usually C25 / 30). The concrete essentially serves as a heat insulation for the steel core.

The combination of a steel core and encased concrete allows for maximum load bearing capacity with minimum column dimensions and thus a greater possible use of space. The
steel casing provides protection for the concrete in the event of fire. The column cross-
section can be calculated for fire resistance ratings of 30 to 120 minutes.

The smooth steel surface is sandblasted and a corrosion primer coat (2k PU thick-film paint, 60 μm, gray shade) is applied in the factory. Round or square cross-section, the steel casing offers great resistance to impact forces. The construction times are noticeably shortened thanks to the prefabrication of the columns in the factory, the simple and quick installation using a plug-in centering system and the immediate load bearing capacity of the columns. Factory production achieves high dimensional accuracy.

Combined with reinforced column heads and foundation reinforcing, the Tuchschmid ATLANT® steel composite columns form a perfect structural system for flat slab construction. By adju-sting the support core, an optimal load gradation is achieved with the same outer dimensions.