Steel Structures

Steel for supporting structures

The processing of steel into various architectural and engineering structures is part of our passion. We create a functional production hall, a bridge or a facade from many individual components. Steel is the supporting element - without it, it is impossible. It enables the formation of the construction, whether in filigree or solid structure. Steel stands for stability, durability and sustainability.

The name Tuchschmid has stood for professional steel processing since its founding years. We are EN1090-2 and EN1090-3 certified. With excellent professional pride and heart and soul, our experts work daily with the fascinating material, steel. Robust engineering, experienced specialists in manufacturing and assembly ensure a smooth project flow and are guarantors of:

  • responsible handling of materials
  • high-quality awareness
  • individual solutions with added value

See for yourself. We are committed to the economic and sustainable implementation of your concerns. You receive a complete package from consultation to conservation of value.

Do you have visions and ideas? We implement them together with you. Close to our customers and based on partnership.


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