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Repairs - fast and professional

Wear and tear, improper operation or external influences can lead to damage to your building. A timely, professional repair avoids expensive consequential damages. High costs, caused by an immediate repair, provisional emergency solutions, availability of spare parts and further work assignments are the result.

Our experienced assembly staff assess the damage situation and conduct the repair quickly and professionally. You can count on the usual high Tuchschmid quality. Our repairs are performed:

  • promptly and competently
  • under consideration of the safety-relevant specifications
  • with quality and durability in mind

We offer experienced and flexible specialists, who are required for the economical and correct repair of impairments, wear and tear, and damage. . Longevity and quality are at the heart of every stage of the project. To keep repairs as low as possible, we recommend that you make use of our offer of a maintenance and service contract.

Give us a call. We build, maintain and repair for you. Close to our customers and based on partnership.


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