Revitalising stock.

Value enhancement and energy efficiency through refurbishment

Is the construction outdated and is there deterioration in function? Then it's time for refurbishment. The character of the building can be preserved by upgrading the construction and using existing materials properly. Perhaps it is also time to say goodbye to old-fashioned solutions and subject the building to an innovative, modern redesign. Whatever the answer, the building will thank them with a positive energy balance.

With our experience in dealing with new and existing building materials and the implementation of various renovation projects, we can offer you a harmonious solution, which will include many advantages such as:

  • low-interface construction management
  • customised solutions
  • greater energy efficiency

From planning to final assembly and maintenance of the building, you receive everything from one contact partner - Tuchschmid, your specialist for refurbishment.

Do you need support with your building project? We are there for you. Close to our customers based on partnership.


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