Retaining Value.

To comply with maintenance and due diligence obligations

Damage or wear to components to be detected in good time by conducting periodic visual and functional checks of steel and steel-glass structures, facades, windows, doors and roof glazing. Timely repair of defective or worn elements reduces costly damage scenarios. The VKF fire protection regulations state that fire and smoke protection elements must be subjected to periodic inspection and maintenance by licensed specialists.

The inventory and logging are carried out by our authorised specialists. The maintenance includes visual inspections of joints, corrosion protection, functional inspections of doors, windows and SHEVs wings, and testing of safety-relevant elements. The following benefits result:

  • early detection of consequential damage
  • extension of service life and preservation of value
  • perfectly functioning parts

With a maintenance or service contract, you receive a transparent cost analysis, customer-specific advice and quality in execution. Entrust us with the maintenance of the value of your property. As a specialist in steel and metal structures, we develop professional, economical and sustainable solutions for you.

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