Special structures – Tuchschmid

*Building with the material of the modern architecture is our passion.

*Heinz Huber / Head of Assembly

Shower Cubicles, 7132 Hotel, Vals

Category: Special structures, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2016 - 2017
Location: Vals
Owner: 7132 Hotel Vals
Client: Priora AG Chur
Architect: Thom Mayne Los Angeles/New York

For the Pritzker House, a separate building complex of the 7132 Hotel in Vals, Tuchschmid created 22 unusually shaped shower cubicles in  a white and yellow design. An intensive planning phase was required by Tuchschmid before the cubicles could be installed. The showers are composed of three spherical curved printed glass panels and an aluminum construction for the shower floor. The LED-lit shower cubicles are a central element of the rooms designed by the world-famous architect Thom Mayne.