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Successful apprenticeship qualifications 2019

Congratulations to our six young professionals who have successfully completed their training as metal workers or designer metal structures over several years.

We are proud of you and your results! Congratulations to all of you.


Refurbishment ML and FHZ ETH Zurich

Category: Windows and facades, News, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2018 - 2019
Location: Zürich
Owner: ETH Zürich Immobilien Zürich
Architect: Itten + Brechbühl AG Zürich

With the refurbishment of the former machine laboratory (ML) and district heating power station (FHK), the ETH would like to use the buildings to their best advantage. As these buildings are national monuments, special attention must be paid to their maintenance and preservation. Therefore, only minor adjustments are permitted for both external façades.
The metal construction company Tuchschmid is installing a new façade, with high insulating capability, on the inside of the FHK-building. In addition, the FHK building will receive a superstructure with a post-and-beam construction and various skylights. The ML will be equipped with a new technical structure, the enclosure of which consists of thermally
insulated panels and a façade cladding.

More information about the project: Itten+Brechbühl AG, Zurich

King’s College – Science Gallery, London

Category: News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2018
Location: London
Client: Paragon London
Architect: LTS Architects London

The King’s College listed building has tree features to attract the public and draw them to the building: the generous sliding window, the shop window and the glass tower. The interaction between the school and the public is to be promoted through exhibitions and research pro-jects. The glazed lift tower, deliberately placed in front of the building, marks the entrance
area to the building complex and impresses during the day with its architect designed laser engraved glazing. In the evening and at night, the lift tower is illuminated from the side with LED lamps. Tuchschmid was responsible for the detailed planning, manufacturing of the sliding window, the shop window and the steel glass structure of the lift tower.

Lewa Savannah, Giraffe House, Zoo Zurich

Category: News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2017 - 2019
Location: Zürich
Owner: Zoo Zürich AG Zürich
Architect: L3P Architekten AG Regensberg, vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten AG Zürich
Engineer: Pfeifer Ingenieure Konstanz (D)

Based on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, the Lewa Savanne is the largest-scale project in Zurich Zoo, offering giraffes, rhinos and other African animals a new home. Inte-grated into the project is the giraffe house, which comes with an impressive roof area of
1’710 m2 and 100 tons of fabricated steel, located on the edge of the complex. The con-struction consists of a cable-suspended, glazed steel roof structure with a membrane underside and three glass facades. It is scheduled to open in 2020.

Kirow Canteen and Restaurant, Project Oscar Niemeyer, Leipzig

Category: News, Special structures, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2018 - 2019
Location: Leipzig (DE)
Owner: Kirow-Ardelt GmbH Leipzig
Architect: Oscar Niemeyer, Realisierung Architektur: Jair Valera / Harald Kern
Engineer: Ingenieurbüro Förster + Sennewald München

A futuristic spherical building designed by the Brazilian star architect Oscar Niemeyer is being erected on the premises of the Kirow factories in Leipzig. The white sphere (diameter 12 metres) of concrete, steel and glass placed on one corner of the listed brick building will attract many visitors as an architectural highlight. At the same time, the canteen and restaurant will be open to the public and will serve as a meeting and event venue in the
mixed quarter of artists and industry. Tuchschmid is responsible for the detailed planning and realisation of the two large curved spherical cutouts made of steel and glass. A crystalline glass (Liquid Crystal Glass) developed by Merck is installed in the upper glazing level, which can give shade at the touch of a button.

Zellweger Construction Site D, Uster

Category: News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2018 - 2019
Location: Uster
Owner: Zellweger Park AG Uster
Architect: EM2N Architekten AG Zürich
Engineer: Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure AG Zürich

On the former industrial site of the Zellweger Luwa company, a new city quarter is being
built with 133 apartments, studios, practice rooms and an art gallery. The fourth and final construction stage completes the historic area in the heart of the city of Uster. The apartment blocks will be provided with balconies made of a hot-dip galvanised steel supporting structure and a wooden construction. Tuchschmid is responsible for the implementation of the steel balcony construction, as well as for the roof support structure of the art hall and the bike
shed. Around 400 tons of steel will be processed and assembled for the work.

Prix Acier Commended for Arrival Hall Railway Station St. Gallen


The Prix Acier award was presented on the occasion of the second Swiss Steel Day in Berne. Tuchschmid is delighted to receive the Prix Acier commended prize for the Arrival Hall at the Railway Station in St. Gallen.

New Arrival Hall, Railway Station St. Gallen

Category: Windows and facades, News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2016 - 2017
Location: St. Gallen
Owner: SBB AG Zürich, Stadt St. Gallen
Architect: giuliani.hönger ag Zürich / Fassadenplaner: gkp fassadentechnik ag Aadorf
Engineer: ARGE Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauing. Zürich / Grünenfelder + Lorenz St. Gallen
Award: Prix Acier 2018 Anerkennungspreis

Within the scope of the reconstruction of the Station Plaza in St. Gallen, the floating form of the arrival hall is given special attention. The prominently placed glass structure represents the connection between the city and the station. The 26 m long, 22.5 m wide and almost 14 m high steel-glass construction is placed on four steel columns and is being constructed by the Tuchschmid specialists.

Vulcano-Vertical Living, Zurich-Altstetten

Category: Skylights, News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2016 - 2017
Location: Zürich-Altettten
Owner: CSA Real Estate Switzerland - eine Anlagegruppe der Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung
Client: Steiner AG Zürich
Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture Paris, Itten + Brechbühl AG Zürich
Engineer: Basler + Hofmann AG Zürich

Near the Zurich-Altstetten railway station, a complex including three residential towers is
was built on the former site of the Vulcano Automobile + Motorboot Factory. The base buildings which house hotel, catering and retail form a conspicuous contrast to the narrow rising residential towers. The base buildings are connected on three sides with the two
glass roofs creating a semi-enclosed urban space separated from the residential space
above. This allows for a wide range of uses and at the same time performs the function
of a sound barrier. In total, the two steel-glass structures cover an area of 2,110 m2 and require 175 tons of steel.

RIBA Awards 2018


Congratulations to Squire & Partners for winning the RIBA Regional Award for project The Department Store Brixton/London, where we created the beautiful steel-glass dome.

Another prize was awarded to the project 8 Finsbury Circus London, for which Tuchschmid was responsible for the planning and implementation of the art wall in the inner courtyard. Congratulations to the whole project team for winning the RIBA National Award!

Exemplary Construction Firm


On 28 February 2018, Tuchschmid was awarded the title of “Exemplary Construction Firm”
by other competitors. The prize is awarded by and recognizes companies that make a major contribution to the advancement of employees and young professionals in
the construction industry.

Performance Enhancement Railway Station Winterthur


In the night of 27th to the 28th February 2018, Tuchschmid installed the 45 tons heavy and up to 5.5 m wide bridge sections for the performance enhancement at the railway station in Winterthur. Listen to the report of Radio Top:

Pavilion Chilbiplatz (New Town Square) Egg

Category: News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2017
Location: Egg
Owner: Politische Gemeinde Egg
Architect: Hager Partner AG Zürich
Engineer: Tuchschmid AG Frauenfeld

With the redesign of the Chilbliplatz (new town square), the municipality of Egg has created a lively space for its residents. The main feature of the square is the cantilevered, translucent pavilion roof over the exit of the underground car park, which can be illuminated in various colors thanks to the integrated LED lighting. The main girders made of steel sheet are located eccentrically above the concrete structure and cantilever out free of support. They extend parallel to each other from the central integrated drainage channel over the entire length, tapering off at the ends. The right-angled cross members give the framework its checkerboard pattern. The roof is clad with a mix of aluminum panels and laminated safety glass. A smaller pavilion, consisting of four columns and a similar roof construction integrates vertical glazing as a windbreak.

The Department Store, Brixton/London

Category: Skylights, News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2016 - 2017
Location: London
Owner: Squire + Partners London
Architect: Squire + Partners London
Engineer: Davies Maguire London
Award: RIBA Regional Award 2018

The converted department store in London’s Brixton district now houses the headquarters of the architectural office Squire & Partners. The glass dome, with a diameter of 6 m and a height of 4.5 m, topped with a metal lantern accenting the historical building with its modern design. In the joint design phase, Tuchschmid worked closely with the client laying out the details for the subsequent realization of the dome consisting of a grid of steel profiles and 112 three-dimensionally curved glass panels.

8 Finsbury Circus Artwork, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Windows and facades, Artwork, News
Year of construction: 2015 - 2016
Location: London
Owner: Mitsubishi Estate London
Client: Stanhope plc London
Architect: Carpenter Lowings London
Award: Lighting Design Award, RIBA National Award 2018

In the courtyard of the newly designed office building in London’s city center, a work of art made of stainless steel and glass was installed. The building takes the natural light from outside into the lower floors creating a friendly atmosphere. The dimensions of the custom formed, three-dimensional art wall is 40 m high and 10 m wide. In total, the work of art consists of 48 specially formed, structured stainless-steel panels as well as triangular, vertically mounted glass elements, which were mounted on a steel substructure. The
artwork was awarded the Lighting Design Award.

(Deutsch) 7. Berufsmesse Thurgau

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Successful Training Qualification 2017

All six apprentices successfully passed the final exam. Congratulations! We are proud of the good results and wish the young professional people all the best for the future!  (Photo)

Nestlé Heritage Center, Vevey

Category: Windows and facades, News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2015
Location: Vevey
Owner: Nestec SA Vevey
Architect: Concept Consult Architectes Sàrl Lausanne

To mark the 150th anniversary of the company Nestlé has built a museum, which documents the various stages of the company’s history, on its original property where the company was founded. The building envelope of steel and glass stands out from the historic buildings and appears light and transparent thanks to the large glass façade. The building concludes in a
tin roof in the shape of a fan.

Successful Training Qualifications

We congratulate our apprentices warmly on the successful apprenticeship qualifications and wish them all the best for the future. (photo)

New Reuss Bridge Gnadenthal, Stetten/Niederwil

Category: Bridges, News
Year of construction: 2015 - 2016
Location: Niederwil, Stetten
Owner: Departement Bau Verkehr und Umwelt Kanton Aargau
Client: Rothpletz Lienhard + Cie AG Aarau
Engineer: Bänziger Partner AG Baden

The existing bridge over the Reuss River between the municipalities of Stetten and Niederwil is being replaced in early 2016 by a new steel composite bridge. The new bridge consists of a rust-coloured box girder made of weathering steel and a deck slab of pale coloured concrete. The 100 meter long structure incorporating a double-curve and a sweeping camber is supported by two Y-shaped concrete pillars anchored in the riverbed.

Rabbit in silver for the School Building Zinzikon

Every year the magazine Hochparterre awards to architects golden, silver and bronze rabbits in three different categories. In the field of architecture, the team of Adrian Streich Architekten wins a silver rabbit for the project School Building Zinzikon in Winterthur. Congratulations! We are proud to have realized the large facades at the school building.

Steel-Inn 22nd of October 2015

The Steel Centre Switzerland (SZS), the building owner and Tuchschmid AG invite to the SteelInn event on the site Multiplex 1 in Frauenfeld on the 22nd October 2015. The topic of the event is “Composite construction  light weight hollow ceiling elements   covering concrete slab”. Details about the event can be found here.

Architizer A+ Award for Paul + Henri Carnal Hall, Rolle

The Architizer A+ Award in the category “Hall/Theater” goes this year to the dome building of Paul + Henri Carnal Hall in Rolle/Switzerland. Congratulations to the swiss architect Bernard Tschumi and the whole project team! We are really proud to be a partner in this great project.

Certification EN 1090

Tuchschmid has successfully passed the certification EN 1090. More Details …

Swiss Steel Award goes to Tuchschmid


We are proud of two more awards for Tuchschmid: Prix Acier 2014 for the corten steel construction Connection Plessur – Halde, Chur and Commended Award Prix Acier 2014 for the steel and glass construction Botanical Garden, Grüningen.

Carnal Hall, Institute Le Rosey, Rolle

The construction of the building Carnal Hall of the Institute Le Rosey, Rolle takes form.

New advertisement layout

Since the first of January Tuchschmid has a new layout of their advertisements.


Local Career Choise Exhibition 2013


Visit us at the local career choise exhibition from 19th – 21st of September 2013 in Weinfelden. Hall 1, Stand 04.


Apprenticeship Beginning


Seven joung people start their professional training at Tuchschmid today.

Welcome at Tuchschmid and have fun in the apprenticeship!


Sugar Factory Frauenfeld, Silo 6


The extraordinary installation with the help of a 500 ton crane on site of the sugar factory in Frauenfeld began sucessfully: The first part of the 54 m long steel conveyer bridge was put on the 51 high stair tower. It connects the new silo 6 with the existing silo 5.


Apprenticeship finishing 2013


Seven trainees finished sucessfully their apprenticeship at Tuchschmid. This year the grade point average was 4.8. Congratulations!


Roof Bus Station Winterthur


The new station square in Winterthur with the distinctive steel, glass and metal roof over
the bus station
has been inaugurated today. We are very proud of the extraordinary con-struction made by Tuchschmid!


Botanical Garden Zurich


After nearly three years of restoration, the three domed greenhouses in the tropical garden in Zurich are open again for the visitors.


Treetop Walkway Masoala Rain ForestZoo Zurich


Enjoy the view from the 18 m high steel tower and walk on the new treetop adventrure trail in the Masoala Hall in the Zoo Zurich! A new challanging project built by Tuchschmid.


Prixforix for the project Administration Building Oberer Graben, St. Gallen


The Prixforix Façade Award 2013 goes to jessenvollenweider ARCHITEKTUR Basel for the project Administration Building Oberer Graben St. Gallen which was built by Tuchschmid. Congratulations!


Career choice afternoon


A group of pupil took part in the information afternoon for trainees at Tuchschmid and made a little metalwork. Impressions…


Roof Bus Station Winterthur


The installation of the roof bus station Winterthur is successfully moving forward.


Gym Hall, Arbon


On the roof of the gym hall in Arbon, there are 36 skylights by Tuchschmid, for a natural and bright atmospheric lighting inside the hall. The installation work took only one week.


City Indoor Swimming Pool Zurich open

After a intensive period of renovation the City Indoor Swimming Pool in Zurich is now open for the public.


Bronze rabbit for Plessur – Halde, Chur


The architectural magazine Hochparterre awards a bronze rabbit in the category „Landscape“ to the architects Esch.Sintzel GmbH Zurich for the project „Connection Plessur – Halde Chur“ which was built by Tuchschmid. Congratulations!


Family Business Award 2012

We are proud to finish second place at the first Family Business Award competition. The award is given to family companies with a long-term, effective and value-based management and business culture.


New paint shop building Tuchschmid is open


After a construction period of few months, the new paint shop building is now open since the first days of August. The new building completes the in-house surface treatment, which consists of sandblasting and painting. Handling together the internal steel and metal construction and customized projects.


Bus Station Roof Wädenswil


A typical Tuchschmid project is the roof over the bus station in Wädenwil. Read more about it…

Website relaunch

Our Website has a fresh new Design!