Windows and facades – Tuchschmid

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*Walter Luessi / Head of Constructa

Extension Guesthouse and Hotel Lamm, Bregenz

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2018
Location: Bregenz
Owner: Gasthof Hotel Lamm Bregenz
Client: Schenk OG Bregenz
Architect: Architekturbüro Erath Bregenz

The 300-year-old, former office building has housed a restaurant for many decades. In the course of the expansion, a new hotel was built in recent years and with the extensive reno-vation work in 2018, the old building, including the restaurant area, was redesigned. The combination of the original architectural style with the modern, bright extension has been successful at creating a harmonious symbiosis of old and new. The steel and glass connecting passage built by Tuchschmid enables guests to move freely from the old to the new building. The specialist Tuchschmid was also commissioned to construct additional glazings as well as doors and staircases.