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Refurbishment ML and FHZ ETH Zurich

Category: Windows and facades, News, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2018 - 2019
Location: Zürich
Owner: ETH Zürich Immobilien Zürich
Architect: Itten + Brechbühl AG Zürich

With the refurbishment of the former machine laboratory (ML) and district heating power station (FHK), the ETH would like to use the buildings to their best advantage. As these buildings are national monuments, special attention must be paid to their maintenance and preservation. Therefore, only minor adjustments are permitted for both external façades.
The metal construction company Tuchschmid is installing a new façade, with high insulating capability, on the inside of the FHK-building. In addition, the FHK building will receive a superstructure with a post-and-beam construction and various skylights. The ML will be equipped with a new technical structure, the enclosure of which consists of thermally
insulated panels and a façade cladding.

More information about the project: Itten+Brechbühl AG, Zurich

Extension Guesthouse and Hotel Lamm, Bregenz

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2018
Location: Bregenz
Owner: Gasthof Hotel Lamm Bregenz
Client: Schenk OG Bregenz
Architect: Architekturbüro Erath Bregenz

The 300-year-old, former office building has housed a restaurant for many decades. In the course of the expansion, a new hotel was built in recent years and with the extensive reno-vation work in 2018, the old building, including the restaurant area, was redesigned. The combination of the original architectural style with the modern, bright extension has been successful at creating a harmonious symbiosis of old and new. The steel and glass connecting passage built by Tuchschmid enables guests to move freely from the old to the new building. The specialist Tuchschmid was also commissioned to construct additional glazings as well as doors and staircases.

New Arrival Hall, Railway Station St. Gallen

Category: Windows and facades, News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2016 - 2017
Location: St. Gallen
Owner: SBB AG Zürich, Stadt St. Gallen
Architect: giuliani.hönger ag Zürich / Fassadenplaner: gkp fassadentechnik ag Aadorf
Engineer: ARGE Dr. Lüchinger + Meyer Bauing. Zürich / Grünenfelder + Lorenz St. Gallen
Award: Prix Acier 2018 Anerkennungspreis

Within the scope of the reconstruction of the Station Plaza in St. Gallen, the floating form of the arrival hall is given special attention. The prominently placed glass structure represents the connection between the city and the station. The 26 m long, 22.5 m wide and almost 14 m high steel-glass construction is placed on four steel columns and is being constructed by the Tuchschmid specialists.

Renovation School Complex Auen, Frauenfeld

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2017 - 2020
Location: Frauenfeld
Owner: Sekundarschulgemeinde Frauenfeld
Architect: jessenvollenweider ARCHITEKTUR Basel
Site managem.: Roland Grandits Frauenfeld

After almost 48 years of uninterrupted use, the Auen School Complex is being made fit
for the future. The refurbishment and expansion works take place under compliance of Cul-
tural Heritage Protection requirements with the aim of preserving the original appearance.
In addition to replacing the insulated glazing to the current safety and energy-efficiency standards are also the renovation of the aluminum door systems, the extension of the
façade of the triple gymnasium and refurbishment of the parapet flashings and solar
shading devices. The refurbishment and extension buildings comprise a total glass area
of 2,700 m2.

8 Finsbury Circus Artwork, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Windows and facades, Artwork, News
Year of construction: 2015 - 2016
Location: London
Owner: Mitsubishi Estate London
Client: Stanhope plc London
Architect: Carpenter Lowings London
Award: Lighting Design Award, RIBA National Award 2018

In the courtyard of the newly designed office building in London’s city center, a work of art made of stainless steel and glass was installed. The building takes the natural light from outside into the lower floors creating a friendly atmosphere. The dimensions of the custom formed, three-dimensional art wall is 40 m high and 10 m wide. In total, the work of art consists of 48 specially formed, structured stainless-steel panels as well as triangular, vertically mounted glass elements, which were mounted on a steel substructure. The
artwork was awarded the Lighting Design Award.

Nestlé Heritage Center, Vevey

Category: Windows and facades, News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2015
Location: Vevey
Owner: Nestec SA Vevey
Architect: Concept Consult Architectes Sàrl Lausanne

To mark the 150th anniversary of the company Nestlé has built a museum, which documents the various stages of the company’s history, on its original property where the company was founded. The building envelope of steel and glass stands out from the historic buildings and appears light and transparent thanks to the large glass façade. The building concludes in a
tin roof in the shape of a fan.

Extension Art Museum, Basel

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2014 - 2016
Location: Basel
Owner: Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement Basel-Stadt; Städtebau & Architektur; Hochbauamt
Architect: Christ & Gantenbein Basel
Engineer: ZPF Ingenieure AG Basel
Site managem.: FS Architekten GmbH Magden

The new building of the Art Museum Basel fits seamlessly into the numerous Tuchschmid references of art and cultural buildings. The monolithic structure of the museum with its pronounced horizontal façade is broken up by the large window openings. To protect the exhibits from intense light, all 11 windows (2180 mm x 4950 mm) are fitted with folding sliding walls to the exterior of the burglar-proof glazing. These together with the internal sun shading protect the exhibits.

Business house Multiplex 1, Frauenfeld

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2015 - 2016
Location: Frauenfeld
Owner: Langfeld AG Frauenfeld
Architect: Box 3 Olbrecht Hofer + Krebs AG Frauenfeld
Engineer: SJB.Kempter.Fitze AG Frauenfeld
Site managem.: innoraum Kräher Jenni + Partner AG Frauenfeld

In Frauenfeld’s east end the 5-floor commercial building Multiplex 1 has emerged, which sets
a new accent in the industrial district Langdorf thanks to its eye-catching façade design. The curtainwall façade comprising of 142 large glass panels (4.07 m long, 3.17 m wide) separated by chromed expanded metal elements lends the building a little depth and emphasizes the horizontal extension of the building. Among the works of Tuchschmid include along with the façade, the glazing to the entrance area, various fire protection elements, skylights and other metal structures in the outdoor area as well as the entire steel structure.

Restoration Hotel Atlantis by Giardino, Zurich

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2014 - 2015
Location: Zürich
Owner: Neue Hotel Atlantis AG Zürich
Client: Priora AG Generalunternehmung Zürich
Architect: Monoplan AG Zürich
Engineer: Henauer Gugler AG Zürich

The Hotel Atlantis by Giardino at the foot of the Uetliberg in Zurich was completely refurbished and has positioned itself since 2015 into the upper 5-star range. Designed in the late 1960s
by Hubacher and Issler Architects, it is now a listed archetype of postwar modernism. Tuch-schmid played a major role in the success of this renovation with the execution of the glass dome (ø 4,7 m) over the historic spiral staircase, the balcony balustrade glazing, the safety glass in the pond as well as the façades of the two-storey base of the building and the wellness centre with a total area of 750 m2.

Restoration Les Ambassadeurs, Bahnhofstrasse 64, Zurich

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2013 - 2014
Location: Zürich
Owner: AXA Leben AG Zürich
Architect: Meier + Steinacher Partner AG Zürich

A prominent address on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, the “Les Ambassadeurs” underwent a renovation to its facade to improve the energy efficiency. The aim was to leave historically listed steel signage on the Bahnhofstrasse elevation undisturbed and to replace the underlying facade and the courtyard façade with supporting, highly insulated panels along with floor to ceiling coupled windows. The courtyard façade also included an aluminium cladding. A particularly big challenge was the planning and execution of the weather seal in and around the listed signage especially because it was not accessible from the outside. Tight spaces, limited road access as well as a tight timeline placed high demands on the construction schedule and the logistics.

Europaallee Baufeld G, Zurich

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2014 - 2015
Location: Zürich
Owner: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB / Immobilien Development Zürich
Client: HRS Real Estate Zürich
Architect: Planergemeinschaft Baufeld G GmbH Zürich
Engineer: Walt + Galmarini AG Zürich
Site managem.: Atelier P3 AG Zürich

Beside the Zurich main station, a new district with apartments and shops has been estab-lished. In the stage Baufeld G, Tuchschmid completed a 1,000 m2 glazing system to the ground floor. Due to the various occupancies, it required structurally very complex individual solutions especially in the ground floor façade with the more than 50 door elements. A con-tinuous, structurally sophisticated canopy projecting between 1.06 and 3.56 metres and maximum spans of 5.1 m provides pedestrians with protection from wet conditions.

New Research Centre, University of Technology (HSR), Rapperswil

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2014 - 2015
Location: Rapperswil-Jona
Owner: Baudepartement Kanton St. Gallen
Architect: Ghisleni Planen und Bauen GmbH Rapperswil, Senn Ghisleni AG St. Gallen
Engineer: Merz Kley Partner AG Altenrhein

The ever-increasing number of students and the growth in research and development
are just two reasons for building the new research centre in Rapperswil. The three-story, Minergie standard new build will offer in 2016 a total of 3,700 m2 of space for a wide
variety of research institutes. Tuchschmid’s contract includes the special post and beam construction on the ground floor and large, up to 3 m high elements of metal and glass
façade to the two upper floors. The new centre orients itself architecturally towards the existing buildings and complements the campus-like design ideal.

Building complex Ternary, Dübendorf

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2014 - 2015
Location: Dübendorf
Client: ADT Innova Generalunternehmung Altendorf
Architect: Hänni Lanz Partner Architekten AG Effretikon
Engineer: Urech Bärtschi Maurer AG Zürich

The residential park Ternary has been created in Zurich’s Dübendorf, and is comprised
of three high rise apartments of varying heights. Generous windows combined with a
brownish metal cladding and the changing arrangement of the balconies give the façade
a modern look. The ventilated metal façades, all metal soffits on the ground floors as well
as all window sills and flashings are planned, produced and assembled by Tuchschmid.

Expension 3i, Hospital Münsterlingen

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2013 - 2014
Location: Münsterlingen
Owner: Hochbauamt des Kantons Thurgau
Client: Steiner AG Zürich
Architect: Stoffel Schneider Architekten AG Weinfelden
Engineer: gkp Fassadentechnik AG Aadorf

The impressive expansion “Project 3i” at the Thurgau Kantonsspital Munsterlingen was
built on the Swiss side of Lake Constance. The Tuchschmid contract include the engineering, manufacture and installation of 180 large surface metal windows as well as the courtyard and exterior façade. Additionally, skylights, an all-glass front, and a technology building with an expanded metal façade was completed by the Tuchschmid specialists.

New entrance area Zoo Zurich

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2012 - 2013
Location: Zürich
Owner: Zoo Zürich AG Zürich
Architect: vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten Zürich

The construction of the new entrance and shop area of ​​the Zurich Zoo adds a modern, customer-friendly appearance. The s-shaped, 79 m2 shop facade and the curved, 18 m2 cashier booth glazing presented an exciting challenge for Tuchschmid’s specialists integrating sliding doors and glass units to the curved elements, as well as in the planning, production and assembly of vaulted design in structural glazing.

Red Lion, Mayfair, London

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Location: London
Owner: Lewis Davis Central Investment Properties Ltd. London
Client: Ibex Interiors London
Architect: Squire and Partners London

In the exclusive Mayfair district of London and together with the architects Squire and
Partners a special mix was created when an old 18th Century façade was combined with
a modern metal façade fitted with different coloured leaves. In total 4080 aluminium leaves
in different bronze shades on an insulated sheet metal design an autumnal-looking façade.

School building Büöl, Brunnen

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2013
Location: Brunnen
Owner: Gemeinde Ingenbohl
Architect: Jeker Architekten SIA Basel

The restoration work to the façade of the school building Büöl in Brunnen was carried out from spring to late summer in 2013. During the weeks of summer vacation the no longer functional wood-metal windows were replaced and the glazed fronts replaced with high performance glass. For the new exterior façade, the substructure was strengthened, the entire building re-isolated and then 900 m2 laminated safety glass fitted to the façade. School is operating once again in a newly renovated, energy efficient schoolhouse.


ZHAW Library (City Hall), Winterthur

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2013 - 2014
Location: Winterthur
Owner: Implenia Schweiz AG Aarau
Architect: P & B Partner Architekten AG Winterthur

The historically listed building of the former event hall in the heart of Winterthur has been transformed into the new library of Zurich University. To meet the high demands required for this historical monument, the exterior window elements were dismantled, repaired and converted to top hung casement windows, then glazed and refitted again. To the interior,
new sound insulating triple glazed elements with a peripheral steel frame were installed to meet the required insulation values. A total of 647 casement vents and 5426 glass units (Tikana and Diffuse Glass) were mounted on the outer façade and 647 fixed elements
with triple glazing to the inner façade.

Bücheli Center, Liestal

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Location: Liestal
Owner: BEKAB AG Laufenburg
Client: Probau Projekte und Baumanagement AG Basel
Architect: Buchner Bründler Architekten AG Basel

In the centre of Liestal a new, attractive department store has been built. The building façade is made ​​of textured concrete elements with large areas of glass. A total of 900 m2 of glazing provides plenty of daylight and interesting views both from inside and out. For the flush SG façade, consisting of triple-pane insulated glass and sizes of 2.5 m x 5 m, a special steel support structure was developed. The connections to the concrete elements are manufactured ​​from hot rolled stainless steel sheet.

Shopping Center Sonnenhof, Rapperswil-Jona

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2012 - 2013
Location: Rapperswil-Jona
Owner: UBS Fund Management (Switzerland) AG Basel
Client: Unirenova - Ein Unternehmensbereich der Karl Steiner AG Zürich
Architect: Ramseier & Associates Ltd. Zürich

The futuristic aluminium facade magically attracts customers to the Sonnenhof Mall. The ventilated façade consists of 3-dimensional diamond-shaped panels in the form of four-and
six-sided prisms. The anodized surface mimics a matt stainless steel finish in an ingenious way. Along with two cladded roof areas, the building has a facade surface of 4000 m2. The façade is a total work of art thanks to the high accuracy in the three stages of Planning, Production and Assembly.

Extension Garden Center Hauenstein, Rafz

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Location: Rafz
Owner: Hauenstein AG Rafz
Architect: schmidli architekten + partner Rafz

Garden Centre Hauenstein in Rafz took possession of its new extended facilities in
the fall of 2012. Months of transformation has resulted in a modern, bright and green
steel and glass extension for additional sales area and training rooms. The construction
of the new 9 m x 6 m x 7 m large orangery with a complex dome including a pergola
serves as a new, welcoming entrance to the garden centre. The expansion included a
façade area of ​​250 m2.

Restoration Domed Greenhouses Botanical Garden University Zürich

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Location: Zürich
Owner: Universität Zürich c/o Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich
Architect: ARGE Botanik Hubacher + Peier Architekten / Haerle Hubacher Architektur Zürich
Engineer: Walt + Galmarini Zürich

The three domed greenhouses, with acrylic glazing and filigree aluminium framed support structure, were built in the late 70s at the Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich. The structures have been updated with structural and energy-related restorations. After removing the acrylic glass, the aluminium structure was restored where necessary, cleaned and then reinforced with cables. As replacement for the 2,500 m2 acrylic surface, a special designed glass system with ventilated double glazed acrylic elements were used. The three domed display houses have different heights from 9.5 m to 17.0 m and a diameter of between 21.6 m to 26.8 m.


Façade Refurbishment Alleestrasse 44, Romanshorn

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2012 - 2013
Location: Romanshorn
Client: EcoRenova AG Zürich
Architect: Viridén + Partner AG Zürich

The facade renovation of the four-story residential and commercial building included
demolishing the existing facade down to the masonry and replacing it with 458 m2
of high insulating facade complete with photovoltaic panels. The renovation work
also included the installation of special aluminium frames surrounding the wood-metal windows as well as twelve steel balconies. As a “Plus Energie House” the project has been publicized several times and is an excellent role model for sustainable building design in renovation projects.

Data Centre OIZ Albis Zürich

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Location: Zürich
Owner: Hochbauamt Stadt Zürich
Client: Halter AG Generalunternehmung Zürich
Architect: Von Ballmoos Krucker Architekten Zürich / Atelier P3 Zürich

The new structure connects two existing buildings creating the new spacious complex of the future data centre for the City of Zurich. A computer hub, a conference and training centre as well as city administration will be housed in this new facility. The whole complex is clad in a stretch metal mesh facade, which merges the three buildings into one unit.  The 4,000 m2 stretch metal facade is mounted
to a steel construction in front of the red-brown sheathed insulation. Tuchschmid also installed a steel pergola with dimensions of 20 m length and 3 m width and height.

Town Museum Rapperswil-Jona

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2011
Location: Rapperswil-Jona
Owner: Ortsgemeinde Rapperswil-Jona
Architect: :mlzd Architekten, Biel
Site managem.: Vollenweider Baurealisation, Zürich

The unique 215 m2 brass facade is the new, spectacular showcase of the city museum in Rapperswil-Jona. The facade represents modern architecture surrounded by historical buildings. Using modern methods, the new facade was meticulously site measured in advance to fit exactly between the old stone walls. This is evident by the unequal interface details on either side.

Box-type Windows Administration Building Oberer Graben St. Gallen

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2010 - 2011
Location: St. Gallen
Owner: Baudepartement Kanton St. Gallen
Architect: jessenvollenweider ARCHITEKTUR Basel

After demolishing two buildings at the corner of Obere Graben and Frongartenstrasse in St. Gallen the new administrative center of Obere Graben was built. The building is accented by its large box windows of architectural bronze, planned, produced and installed by Tuchschmid. The special, patterned metal frame is reminiscent of the flower embroidery typical to the region of St. Gallen. The new building has 181 straight and 33 curved bronze windows of varying sizes with heights up to 2.6m and widths up to 2.8 m.

Deck 4 Bäretswil

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2009 - 2010
Location: Bäretswil
Owner: Zili AG Generalunternehmung Bronschhofen
Architect: HMW Architektur AG Bronschhofen

The unusual aluminium cladding distinguishes the light, futuristic-looking building in Bäretswil. The cube shaped roof top addition, made from prefabricated wood panels, was clad with an aluminium sheet outer shell. The panels were mounted to a sub-construction especially designed for this building.
Innovation was required in the production for the spherical building corners in order to master the difficult task. The size of the individual sheet metal elements of up to 1.15 m x 3.9 m was a particular challenge for the installation crew.

Building complex N-Joy Zürich-Affoltern

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2007 - 2008
Location: Zürich
Owner: Peter Hänni Generalunternehmung Effretikon
Architect: Hänni Lanz Partner Effretikon

The housing development, “N-Joy” consists of four apartment buildings with a total of 4,500 m2 of facade area. The complex is distinguished by its timeless, modern architecture. The special feature of these new buildings is the silk-screened patterns applied to the facade panels. 3 mm thick aluminium sheets with a special alloy were used for the high-quality facade. 1600 panels in four basic formats were stamped out of 1350 aluminium sheets and then formed into shape. Well-organized labelling and logistics for this job were the key elements for the smooth and timely installation.

GMZ Herdern, Zurich

Category: Windows and facades, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2009
Location: Zürich
Owner: Genossenschaft Migros Zürich (GMZ) Zürich
Architect: Oppliger Architekten Zürich

The revival of the industrial district in Zurich-West has resulted in new traffic situations which led the Migros Cooperative Zurich to redesign their entrance area. The result was a free-standing glass cube which, via stairs, elevators and an attractive 40 m long footbridge regulates access to the business tower and reception. There, a new 35 m x 10 m steel platform was constructed to serve as a hub between administration, operation and restaurant and retail space. The energy requirements for this new building are covered by the solar facade on the cube. At night the façade exudes a special glow, as the solar panels provide power for the installed LED lights. A feast for the eyes is the sheet metal soffit to the footbridge which emphasizes the large structure down to the millimeter.

Annex Building Raiffeisenbank Amriswil

Category: Windows and facades, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2009
Location: Amriswil
Owner: Hess Immobilien AG Amriswil
Architect: Thomas Kai Keller Architekten Amriswil

The hardest task in the building of Raiffeisen Bank in Amriswil is visible at first glance: The complex
architecture of the facade and roof structure consisting of varying triangular and trapezoidal surfaces in different planes. A complex steel structure forms the sub construction of the metal façade and fixed glazing. Precise planning and production of the elements formed the foundation for the millimetre exact installation of the panels. A total of 56 roof, 36 soffit and 32 wall panels of all different shapes and sizes were required.

Railway station, Biel-Bienne

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Windows and facades, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2008 - 2009
Location: Biel-Bienne
Owner: SBB Immobilien Bern
Architect: Atelier 5 Bern, Sutter + Weidner Biel (Planer)

Like a metamorphosis the dated yet functional Biel-Bienne Railway Station was recreated into a light-flooded, modern travel, shopping and service center. The core of the complex connects the stainless steel and glass clad, customer-friendly shopping passage with the neoclassical railway station building with the railway tracks. The end and top of the passage is clad with a 500 m2 point-fixed glass construction. The redesign makes the stop at the station an experience for travelers, shoppers and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Paul Klee Center, Berne

Category: Windows and facades
Year of construction: 2003 - 2005
Location: Bern
Owner: Maurice E. & Martha Müller Foundation Bern
Architect: Renzo Piano Building Paris
Engineer: Ove Arup London
Award: Europäischer Stahlbaupreis 2007

What a tribute to Paul Klee! The building of this monumental museum allows tribute to be paid to the diverse works of the bernese artist. The impressive architecture mirrors the surrounding hills. The bespoke facade by Tuchschmid provides for the natural light illuminating the rooms. A very special, mostly suspended, cabled stayed curtain wall construction was used on this 2’000 m2 facade. In addition, 250 m2 of three-dimensional skylights provide for natural day light into the rooms.

Auditorium Grisons Canton Bank (GKB) Chur

Category: Windows and facades, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2008 - 2009
Location: Chur
Owner: Graubündner Kantonalbank Chur
Architect: Domenig Architekten Chur

With the extension of the GKB-Auditorium, the Grisons Canton Bank has created a modern platform for special events. The unique, futuristic design of steel, glass and metal was equally inspire guests from both business and culture. Glazed stripes in curtain wall construction of varying sizes and shapes are separated by light gray metal cladding which frames the concrete structure. Daylight through the roof and facade (glass area 400 m2) create shadows that give the room a special atmosphere.

Reiss Fashion House, Headquarter, London

Category: Windows and facades, Special structures
Year of construction: 2007 - 2008
Location: London
Owner: Reiss Fashion London
Client: Como Construction Ltd. London
Architect: Squire and Partners London
Engineer: Fluid Structural Engineering London

The 460 m2 large acrylic panel facade shrouds the London headquarters of the Reiss Fashion House like a white veil. The structural steel construction required to secure the facade is completely hidden behind the panels. The surface of the acrylic has been machined to a complex array profile of large vertical gauges of varying width and depth, within which are etched with even finer vertical striations. The individually controllable LED-bars allow the building envelope to appear as a barcode or as a waterfall. The 5-storey commercial building is a new attraction near the famous London shopping district of Oxford Street.