Stainless Steel Construction – Tuchschmid

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*Walter Luessi / Head of Constructa

Opera Terrace, Covent Garden, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2015 - 2016
Location: London
Owner: Capco London
Client: Ellmer London
Architect: Eric Parry Architects London
Engineer: Eckersley O'Callaghan London

The entire steel and glass structure over the first floor terrace of Covent Garden is being replaced. Trusses of a special duplex stainless steel are being inserted at grid intervals of
2.75 metres over the total width of the facade and to a depth of 7.50 metres. Where the roof joins the building, it will largely be covered with closed panels, but where it meets the terrace it will be fully glazed with exterior shading. Each 2,75 metre wide segment of the vertical glazing is split into three openable sections. The extension is connected to the existing structure, which has a variable height, hence the dimensions of each segment are individually adjusted, the trusses are slightly twisted and the glazing above the trusses has a distinctive spherical curvature. A 1:1 mock-up of one of the segments is currently on the grounds of Tuchschmid AG factory in Frauenfeld, and all the parties involved in the project have met regularly to examine the samples and refine the individual and highly ambitious solutions.