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8 Finsbury Circus Artwork, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Windows and facades, Artwork, News
Year of construction: 2015 - 2016
Location: London
Owner: Mitsubishi Estate London
Client: Stanhope plc London
Architect: Carpenter Lowings London
Award: Lighting Design Award, RIBA National Award 2018

In the courtyard of the newly designed office building in London’s city center, a work of art made of stainless steel and glass was installed. The building takes the natural light from outside into the lower floors creating a friendly atmosphere. The dimensions of the custom formed, three-dimensional art wall is 40 m high and 10 m wide. In total, the work of art consists of 48 specially formed, structured stainless-steel panels as well as triangular, vertically mounted glass elements, which were mounted on a steel substructure. The
artwork was awarded the Lighting Design Award.

Opera Terrace, Covent Garden, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2015 - 2016
Location: London
Owner: Capco London
Client: Ellmer London
Architect: Eric Parry Architects London
Engineer: Eckersley O'Callaghan London

The entire steel and glass structure over the first floor terrace of Covent Garden is being replaced. Trusses of a special duplex stainless steel are being inserted at grid intervals of
2.75 metres over the total width of the facade and to a depth of 7.50 metres. Where the roof joins the building, it will largely be covered with closed panels, but where it meets the terrace it will be fully glazed with exterior shading. Each 2,75 metre wide segment of the vertical glazing is split into three openable sections. The extension is connected to the existing structure, which has a variable height, hence the dimensions of each segment are individually adjusted, the trusses are slightly twisted and the glazing above the trusses has a distinctive spherical curvature. A 1:1 mock-up of one of the segments is currently on the grounds of Tuchschmid AG factory in Frauenfeld, and all the parties involved in the project have met regularly to examine the samples and refine the individual and highly ambitious solutions.

Paul + Henri Carnal Hall, Château du Rosey, Rolle

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Special structures, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2013 - 2014
Location: Rolle
Owner: Institut Le Rosey Rolle
Architect: Bernard Tschumi Architects New York
Engineer: Alberti Ingenieurs Lausanne
Site managem.: Fehlmann Architects Morges

The oldest private school in Switzerland has given its Arts Program a new platform with the spectacular expansion of the “Carnel Hall”. The 80 m diameter domed building houses an 800 seat auditorium for concerts, theatre and conferences. Adjoining rooms also offers music classrooms, practice rooms for instruments, choir, orchestra and art studios. The exceptional, sophisticated architecture of the building boasts simplicity, modernity and beauty. The stainless steel roof has an area of ​​4’900 m2 covering a more than 570-ton steel structure. The playfully integrated skylights have a glass area of ​​150 m2.

Railway station, Biel-Bienne

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Windows and facades, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2008 - 2009
Location: Biel-Bienne
Owner: SBB Immobilien Bern
Architect: Atelier 5 Bern, Sutter + Weidner Biel (Planer)

Like a metamorphosis the dated yet functional Biel-Bienne Railway Station was recreated into a light-flooded, modern travel, shopping and service center. The core of the complex connects the stainless steel and glass clad, customer-friendly shopping passage with the neoclassical railway station building with the railway tracks. The end and top of the passage is clad with a 500 m2 point-fixed glass construction. The redesign makes the stop at the station an experience for travelers, shoppers and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Peninsula Spire, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Artwork
Year of construction: 2006
Location: London
Owner: Ansco Arena Ltd., English Partnership, Meridian Delta Dome Ltd., Meridian Delta Ltd.
Client: Skanska McNicholas London
Architect: Barr Gazetas London
Engineer: Whitbybird London

The unusual geometry, invisible welds and a shiny surface are only three points, which describe the 45 m high steel mast “Peninsula Spire” at Millennium Square in London. The triangular spire twists 166° around its own axis from the 2.5 m side lengths of the base tapering to down 10 mm side lengths at the top. The internal steel frame and the stainless steel outer shell together weigh 34 to. This highlight on the massive Peninsula Square in front of the O2 Arena is synonymous with the high standards of production and assembly.

St. Martin in the Fields, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2007 - 2008
Location: London
Owner: Kirche St. Martin in the Fields London
Architect: Eric Perry Architects London
Award: Civic Trust Award 2010, Michael Middleton Special Award 2010, RIBA Award 2009

During the renovation of the church of St. Martin in the Fields an atrium and a pavilion were created. The challenging geometry and the complexity of the glass structural calculations characterize this project. Two circles are the basic form of the pavilion, which is 10 m x 7 m x 6.5 m in size. Only supported horizontally top and bottom, the curved glass support the 10 tons of stainless steel domed roof. This was a particular challenge for the design, production and assembly.

Spire of Hope, St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Special structures, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2006 - 2007
Location: Belfast
Owner: The Board of St. Anne's Cathedral Belfast
Architect: Colin Conn Architects Belfast, Robert Jamison Architecs Belfast
Engineer: Ramboll Whitbybird London, Taylor & Boyd LLP Belfast
Award: RIBA Award 2008

With the 54 m high “Spire of hope” Belfast receives a new landmark. The unusual,round and pointed at both ends, stainless steel mast glows as a new tower over the St. Anne’s Cathedral, and also penetrates 15 m into the church.The modern and spectacular building is an impressive symbol for hope and peace in Northern Ireland.

BBC Artwork, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Artwork, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2004 - 2005
Location: London
Owner: BBC Property London
Client: Bovis Lend Lease Ltd. South Harrow Middlesex
Architect: MacCormac Jamieson Prichard London
Engineer: Whitbybird & Partners London

On top of the Egton Wing a glass sculpture alights the newly refurbished BBC Radio Headquarters. The artist Jaume Plensa from Barcelona conceived a 14 meter high cone in stainless steel and glass. In lieu of the All Souls Church stipple the cone stands on its point and has a poem sandblasted in a spiral on its outer surface. Inside the sculpture a space
cannon sends a beam of light through the cone into the sky during the evening news as a memorial to the fallen Journalists the world over.