Bridges – Tuchschmid

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*Walter Luessi / Head of Constructa

Bridge over the river Murg, Frauenfeld

Category: Bridges
Year of construction: 2013 - 2014
Location: Frauenfeld
Owner: Stadt Frauenfeld / Tiefbauamt
Engineer: ITK Planungen GmbH Frauenfeld

part of the development of the regional bike trails in Frauenfeld, a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Murg River has been constructed. The 40 meter long bridge of welded tubular trusses with a steel substructure to support the orthotopic floor panels including railings was erected by Tuchschmid, the local steel bridge specialist. Many spectators watched the special transport thorough the canton capital and the spectacular installation operation beside the main railway line. With a 500 ton mobile crane, the two 20 meters long and 21-ton bridge
sections were lifted and fixed during a night shift.