Peninsula Spire, London – Tuchschmid

*Satisfaction thanks to single-source delivery: Design, Production, Installation.

*Walter Luessi / Head of Constructa

Peninsula Spire, London

Category: Stainless Steel Construction, Artwork
Year of construction: 2006
Location: London
Owner: Ansco Arena Ltd., English Partnership, Meridian Delta Dome Ltd., Meridian Delta Ltd.
Client: Skanska McNicholas London
Architect: Barr Gazetas London
Engineer: Whitbybird London

The unusual geometry, invisible welds and a shiny surface are only three points, which describe the 45 m high steel mast “Peninsula Spire” at Millennium Square in London. The triangular spire twists 166° around its own axis from the 2.5 m side lengths of the base tapering to down 10 mm side lengths at the top. The internal steel frame and the stainless steel outer shell together weigh 34 to. This highlight on the massive Peninsula Square in front of the O2 Arena is synonymous with the high standards of production and assembly.