Pavilion Chilbiplatz (New Town Square) Egg – Tuchschmid

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*Heinz Huber / Head of Assembly

Pavilion Chilbiplatz (New Town Square) Egg

Category: News, Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2017
Location: Egg
Owner: Politische Gemeinde Egg
Architect: Hager Partner AG Zürich
Engineer: Tuchschmid AG Frauenfeld

With the redesign of the Chilbliplatz (new town square), the municipality of Egg has created a lively space for its residents. The main feature of the square is the cantilevered, translucent pavilion roof over the exit of the underground car park, which can be illuminated in various colors thanks to the integrated LED lighting. The main girders made of steel sheet are located eccentrically above the concrete structure and cantilever out free of support. They extend parallel to each other from the central integrated drainage channel over the entire length, tapering off at the ends. The right-angled cross members give the framework its checkerboard pattern. The roof is clad with a mix of aluminum panels and laminated safety glass. A smaller pavilion, consisting of four columns and a similar roof construction integrates vertical glazing as a windbreak.