Restoration Domed Greenhouses Botanical Garden University Zürich – Tuchschmid

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*Walter Luessi / Head of Constructa

Restoration Domed Greenhouses Botanical Garden University Zürich

Category: Windows and facades, Refurbishment
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Location: Zürich
Owner: Universität Zürich c/o Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich
Architect: ARGE Botanik Hubacher + Peier Architekten / Haerle Hubacher Architektur Zürich
Engineer: Walt + Galmarini Zürich

The three domed greenhouses, with acrylic glazing and filigree aluminium framed support structure, were built in the late 70s at the Botanical Garden of the University of Zurich. The structures have been updated with structural and energy-related restorations. After removing the acrylic glass, the aluminium structure was restored where necessary, cleaned and then reinforced with cables. As replacement for the 2,500 m2 acrylic surface, a special designed glass system with ventilated double glazed acrylic elements were used. The three domed display houses have different heights from 9.5 m to 17.0 m and a diameter of between 21.6 m to 26.8 m.