Botanical Garden, Grüningen – Tuchschmid

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*Walter Luessi / Head of Constructa

Botanical Garden, Grüningen

Category: Steel and Glass structures
Year of construction: 2011 - 2012
Location: Grüningen
Owner: Zürcher Kantonalbank Zürich
Architect: BBP Architekten Bührer Brandenberger & Partner Wetzikon, idA Buehrer Wuest Architekten AG Zürich
Award: Prix Acier 2014 Anerkennungspreis

A new greenhouse complex has been added to the 50-year-old botanical gardens in the Zurich community of Grüningen,. The sophisticated steel and glass structure with a glass area of 480 m2 mimics the structure of four trees through its captivating form. Large spans, structural and constructive challenges are just three points which identify this project as a typical steel-glass construction from Tuchschmid.