Tuchschmid-ATLANT fire-resistant columns

Proven endurance.

Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant columns for fire-resistance and stability

The Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant column ensures fast construction with immediate load-bearing capacity owing to its object-specific static design and prefabrication. It is used in underground garages as well as in building construction in the form of facade or interior columns. The steel sheath prevents the protective sheathing concrete from flaking off in the event of a fire. Depending on the column design, a fire-resistance period of 30 to 120 minutes can be achieved.

The combination of a steel core with coated concrete allows maximum load-bearing capacity with minimum column dimensions and thus the highest possible use of space. The smooth steel surface is sandblasted in the in-house surface treatment and provided with a corrosion primer. The steel shell offers excellent resistance to impact forces, whether round or square cross-section. You benefit from:

  • simple and fast assembly in the plug-in centring system
  • immediate load-bearing capacity of the supports and high dimensional accuracy
  • short construction time due to prefabrication of the supports in the factory

Do you know the combination of the Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant column and the flat ceiling construction? Our team will be happy to provide you with information on a wide range of applications and help you with dimensioning. Our welding specialists manufacture the supports, which are then delivered directly to the construction site.

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Download Tuchschmid-ATLANT® column square

Download Tuchschmid-ATLANT® column round


Pre-Sizing Schedules

Download Tuchschmid-ATLANT® column square

Download Tuchschmid-ATLANT® column round


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