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Tuchschmid-WALM® reinforced column cap

Tuchschmid-WALM® reinforced column caps offer a modern solution in compliance with SIA 262 with substantial advantages over conventional systems. Thanks to established calculation methods and
improvement in the adhesion between steel and concrete, designs with thin slabs and slender columns can be constructed.

The Tuchschmid-WALM® can economically be employed in this way for flat-slab column systems. The key benefits are:

solve all punching shear problems, including edge, expansion and corner columns, shear walls and in foundations

are particularly suitable for use with prestressed slabs, as the optimum route of the prestressing elements over the columns is not impeded

can be combined with all modern steel core, centrifugally-cast concrete and solid steel column systems

are quickly and easily placed

allow the bottom reinforcement to be run over the support and anchored in accordance with the standard

always comply with the R90 fire protection requirement

have a load-bearing capacity confirmed in various tests at the ETH Lausanne

together with the Tuchschmid ATLANT® steel core column, constitutes a perfect structural engineering system for flat-slab constructions.

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Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant column

Tuchschmid-ATLANT® fire-resistant columns have a steel core, and a round or square steel outer casing. The space between is filled with concrete, thereby forming a steel core and concrete combination offering maximum load-bearing capacity with minimum dimensions.

It complies with fire protection requirements from R30 to R120. Other advantages of this flexible product are a free choice of colours, and an impact-resistant surface:

available with a round or square steel outer casing

surface treatment: zinc dust primer coating, or hot-dip galvanized

fire resistance duration 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes

shorter construction times due to factory prefabrication of the columns, simple erection using a plug-in centering system, and immediate load-bearing ability

no shearing strains in the column caused by asymmetric load transmission, shrinkage and temperature displacements, because the concrete slab is pivoted on the pin-ended support

together with the Tuchschmid WALM® reinforced column cap constitutes a perfect structural engineering system for flat-slab constructions

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Table of Tuchschmid-ATLANT® predimensioned columns:
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